Tips for an Intimate Bohemian Forest Wedding

Tips for an Intimate Bohemian Forest Wedding

A Bohemian Forest Wedding combines rustic charm with whimsical details to create a magical outdoor affair. Nestled among towering trees, surrounded by lush greenery, a forest venue provides a serene backdrop unlike any other for couples looking to have an intimate wedding immersed in natural beauty.

Bohemian style elements like dreamcatchers, lanterns, and macramé add a relaxed, carefree vibe. From the flowers to the music to the decor, a bohemian forest wedding is designed to be a unique nature-inspired escape for you and your guests.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to plan the perfect bohemian forest wedding from start to finish. We’ll cover everything from choosing the ideal outdoor venue to boho style elements to consider to managing the logistics of an outdoor affair.

You’ll find tips on decor, attire, photography, budgets, and more so you can pull off a whimsical woodland wedding that looks like it came straight out of a midsummer night’s dream. The bohemian vibe is all about embracing your adventurous spirit, so get ready to take your wedding into the forest and make it a celebration as magical as your love.

Choosing the Perfect Forest Venue for Your Bohemian Wedding

Selecting the right outdoor forest venue is one of the most important decisions when planning a bohemian wedding. The venue will set the stage for your entire event, from the ceremony to reception. Follow this guide to find the perfect wooded backdrop that aligns with your vision.

Choosing the Perfect Forest Venue for Your Bohemian Wedding

If you prefer more of an industrial vibe, consider a unique warehouse wedding venue. From exposed beams to string lights, warehouses can provide a stylish urban backdrop. Get warehouse wedding planning tips here.

Explore Both Public and Private Options

When venue hunting, look at both public and private land options:

  • State/National Parks: More budget-friendly, offer beautiful forests and mountains. Require permits.
  • Private Land: Offers exclusivity and flexibility. Can be costly but customizable.

Permits and Regulations

If choosing a public forest venue, be aware of permits, restrictions, and capacity limits.

  • Research permit costs and timeline. Can take 30-90 days.
  • Ask about noise regulations, alcohol policies, layout restrictions.
  • Ensure guest count is allowed. Parks often limit to under 100.

Layout and Features

Consider the forest layout and amenities:

  • Trails – for photo shoots, guest exploration
  • Lakes – for waterside ceremonies
  • Clearings – open spaces for tents and reception
  • Parking – capacity and accessibility

Create a layout map to visualize ceremony, reception, parking, etc.

Weather Contingency Plan

Have a backup plan in case of rain or storms:

  • Nearby shelter pavilion or barn
  • Tent rentals
  • Rescheduling flexibility

Check weather historical averages to pick best date.

Vendor Policies

Ask if outside catering, alcohol, rentals are allowed. If not, use venue’s preferred vendors list.

With the perfect forest venue as your backdrop, you’re on your way to a magical bohemian wedding!

Incorporating Bohemian Style into Your Forest Wedding

The boho vibe is all about laidback elegance and embracing your free-spirited side. Use these tips to infuse bohemian style details throughout your woodland wedding.

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Boho inspired wedding dresses

Boho Inspired Wedding Dresses

  • Flowy, whimsical silhouettes with lace or crochet
  • Floral patterns and nature motifs
  • Dreamy chiffon or silk fabrics
  • Barefoot sandals or simple flats

Dress Shopping Tips

  • Try on a range of silhouettes to find your perfect fit
  • Look for delicate embellishments like beads or pearls
  • Get custom sleeves for a unique look

Groom and Groomsmen Attire

The groom can complement the boho bride with:

  • White linen button down
  • Suspenders instead of a suit jacket
  • Neutral pants or jeans
  • Casual brown shoes
  • Boutonniere made from greenery

Groomsmen can wear coordinating neutral tones and natural fabrics. Add touches like straw hats, sandals, and patterned details.

Bridesmaids Dresses

  • Mix of neutral, earthy, floral colors
  • Mismatched styles for eclectic look
  • Airy chiffon, silk, or lace fabric
  • Accents like pom poms, tassels, or fringe

Allow bridesmaids to pick their own dresses to embrace the carefree vibe.

Bohemian Wedding Decor

  • Dreamcatchers – above ceremony altar, on reception tables
  • Macrame – backdrop wall hangings, table runners, signs
  • Lanterns – pathways, hanging from trees
  • Fur throws – lounge seating
  • Pillows – scattered seating

Handmade touches will enhance the bohemian charm.

Food Menu

Boho weddings embrace shared, interactive dining:

  • Family style sharable appetizers and bites
  • Food trucks with casual options like tacos, sliders, flatbreads
  • Late night snack buffet

Naked cakes, fruits, and flower garnishes add a whimsical dessert table.

Music Playlist

Set the relaxed vibe with a mix of:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Spanish inspired genres like flamenco
  • World music instruments like sitar, didgeridoo
  • Indie folk bands or singers

Create a free-spirited playlist that keeps guests entertained all night long.

Infuse every detail with bohemian charm to pull off an authentic forest affair. Stay true to your adventurous, nature-loving spirit!

Crafting a Magical Bohemian Forest Wedding Ceremony

Your ceremony will set the tone for your bohemian big day. Use these tips to make it meaningful and memorable for you and your guests.

Bohemian Ceremony Arch and Altar

Frame your vows with a dreamy backdrop:

  • Floral archway with cascading blooms
  • Macrame altar backed by tall trees
  • Crystal chandelier hanging from branches
  • Live hanging plants and greenery

Wood signs or chalkboard with romantic quotes can also adorn the altar.

Bohemian Ceremony Arch and Altar

Readings and Poems

Incorporate short boho-inspired readings:

  • Passages about nature, adventure, wanderlust
  • Poems by Rumi, Walt Whitman, EE Cummings
  • Song lyrics from indie folk artists

Ask loved ones to recite readings for a personal touch.

Bohemian Inspired Vows

Get creative with your vows by including:

  • Promises of adventure, freedom, and trust
  • Quotes about their meaning of love
  • Anecdotes from your relationship journey
  • Inside jokes and lighthearted moments

Processional Music

Walk down the aisle to acoustic versions of:

  • “Forever” by Ben Harper
  • “I Will” by The Beatles
  • “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Ingrid Michaelson

Forest Backdrop

Spotlight your ceremony backdrop:

  • Frame tall trees, mountains, or waterfalls behind you
  • Use aisles and clearing layout to showcase scenery
  • Time ceremony for “golden hour” lighting

Embrace the natural beauty around you for an unforgettable bohemian ceremony.

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Designing a Charming Bohemian Forest Wedding Reception

Your reception decor should complement the lush outdoor setting while adding bohemian flair. Use these ideas to create a relaxed vibe.

Outdoor wedding reception table

Tables and Seating

  • Long wooden banquet tables with mismatched chairs
  • Scattered lounge seating with pillows and fur throws
  • High-top cocktail tables for mingling

Boho Florals

  • Unstructured wildflower arrangements
  • Wreaths, garlands, flower crowns
  • Hanging dried floral installations
  • Herbs like lavender and rosemary


  • Bare Edison bulbs strung overhead
  • Lanterns lining wooded pathways
  • Candles and votives for an ambient glow
  • Fire pit or bonfire for cozy atmosphere


  • Chalkboard menus, bar signs, seating chart
  • Wood slab welcome sign by entrance
  • Decorative mirrors leaning against trees
  • Painted directional signs for parking, bathrooms, etc

Focused Areas

  • Outdoor lounge with pillow seating
  • Designated lawn game zone
  • Unique modern dance floor
  • DIY open air photo booth


  • Large wooden bar decorated with greenery
  • Glass drink dispensers with fresh fruit
  • Bartender mixing up custom boho cocktails
  • Lots of beer, wine, champagne options

Make every areainstagram-worthy while keeping decor relaxed and casual. This is the perfect place to let your free-spirited style shine.

Capturing Your Bohemian Forest Wedding with Stunning Photography

Your wedding photos will preserve all the special moments and breathtaking scenery of your bohemian forest affair.

Capturing Your Bohemian Forest Wedding with Stunning Photography

Follow these tips for flawless photos:

Lighting Challenges and Solutions

Shooting in the forest presents unique lighting challenges:

  • Backlighting – Use flash to fill in shadows on faces
  • Dappled light – Seek shaded clearings for portraits
  • Sun spots – Adjust positions to avoid patches of light

Golden hour before sunset creates perfect lighting.

Posing Couples in Nature

Pose for romantic shots:

  • Sitting on a fallen tree trunk
  • Standing under the trees
  • Walking down forest trails
  • Next to lakes, streams, or waterfalls

Take advantage of the natural beauty surrounding you.

Using the Forest as a Backdrop

Let the lush landscape shine:

  • Frame the couple with lush greenery behind
  • Shoot wide to include sweeping forest views
  • Blur the background to accentuate the subject

Capturing Candid Moments

Candids show real emotion and joy:

  • Guests dancing, chatting, laughing
  • Stolen glances between the couple
  • Moments at the altar, first kiss, first dance

Mix posed shots with genuine interactions.

Creative Prop Ideas

Fun, nature-inspired props:

  • Flower crowns
  • “Just Married” sign hung on a tree
  • Vintage bicycle built for two
  • Picnic blanket for photos
  • Oversized dreamcatcher

Working with Photographers

  • Share inspiration photos and vision upfront
  • Do engagement shoot to build rapport
  • Timeline allowing at least 2-3 hours for photos
  • Provide a shot list but allow creativity too

With careful planning and an eye for natural beauty, your photos will be works of art.

Handling the Logistics for a Seamless Bohemian Forest Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding comes with unique logistical considerations. Use these tips to handle the details smoothly:

Parking and Transportation

  • Shuttle guests from parking area if far from ceremony site
  • Recruit volunteers to assist with parking flow
  • Offer curbside drop-off for elderly or disabled guests
Planning an outdoor wedding comes with unique logistical considerations

Inclement Weather Backup

  • Book backup tented space in case of rain
  • Have umbrellas, ponchos ready to distribute
  • Rescheduling policy in case of dangerous weather


  • Rent luxury restroom trailers for guests
  • Provide bathroom kit with items like bug spray, sunscreen, and deodorant
  • Hire attendants to maintain restrooms

Bug Spray and Sunscreen

  • Provide sunscreen stations with signage
  • Hand out citronella bracelets
  • Spray reception perimeter with natural repellents

Medical Emergency Plan

  • First aid kit, AED device, and trained medics onsite
  • Info sheet with directions to closest hospital
  • Accessible routes for emergency vehicles

Vendor Logistics

  • Timeline for setup/teardown
  • Parking area and load-in instructions
  • Onsite coordinator for questions

Careful coordination ensures you and your guests remain stress-free and able to enjoy your special day in nature.

Creating a Realistic Budget for Your Bohemian Forest Wedding

Planning a boho forest wedding in nature offers savings over a traditional venue, but costs still quickly add up. Use these tips to create a realistic budget.

Average Costs Breakdown

Here are typical spend amounts:

  • Venue: $2,000 – $5,000
  • Catering: $15 – $25 per person
  • Photography: $2,500 – $5,000
  • Music: $800 – $2,000
  • Florals: $1,500 – $3,000
  • Attire: $1,000 – $5,000
  • Rentals: $3,000 – $7,000
  • Other: $3,000

Total average cost: $15,000 – $30,000

Where to Splurge vs Save

Prioritize splurges like:

  • Photographer – preserves memories forever
  • Food and beverage – key part of experience
  • Music – sets ambiance and energy

Save on elements like:

  • Invites – go simple and digital
  • Decor – DIY where possible
  • Lower-cost rentals

Guest Accommodations

Provide lodging info like:

  • Nearby hotels and rental houses
  • Campgrounds for adventurous guests
  • Recommended car services

Offer a shuttle service if venues are far apart.

Hidden Fees

Watch out for additional costs like:

  • Service fees from vendors
  • Tax, tips, and gratuity
  • Park entry fees for guests
  • Permit, cleaning, garbage fees from venue

Build in buffer for incidentals and surprises. Compromise on guest list before perfection. Prioritize what matters most to pull off your dream day while being budget-conscious.

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Bring Your Bohemian Forest Wedding Vision to Life

Planning an enchanting boho forest wedding is a dream for any free-spirited couple. As you move through the planning process, stay true to what matters most – celebrating your love surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Focus on creating an intimate, relaxed vibe that encourages connections. Infuse artistic details and handmade touches. Craft meaningful moments with your loved ones under the trees.

Embrace the adventure and unexpected moments. Let the forest inspire you rather than restrict you. Nature will enhance your special day in ways you can’t plan for.

Savor every magical moment as you and your partner become entwined as one under the towering pines. The memories made during your unique woodland affair will be cherished for a lifetime.

Though the planning takes time and effort, the process bonds you closer together. Stay grounded in gratitude for the rare gift it is to share your wedding day immersed in the wonder of the natural world.

When you exchange your vows speaking of everlasting love surrounded by ancient forest, you are starting your marriage in the most authentic and romantic way imaginable. Here’s to a long life of adventure together from this special day forward!


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