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A Guide to Planning Your Dream Airport Hangar Wedding

Have you always dreamed of a unique and unforgettable wedding? Look no further than airport hangar wedding venues to create the aviation-themed celebration of your dreams. Airport hangars provide a modern and industrial backdrop that is sure to impress your guests. From the moment your loved ones arrive at the airport and walk into the stunningly transformed hangar, they will be immersed in your theme and ready to take off on this exciting adventure.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything you need to know to plan your airport hangar wedding. We will provide tips on finding the perfect hangar space, decorating and lighting this unique venue, catering and bar service considerations, entertainment options, and finalizing all the details for the big day.

Whether you are a longtime aviation enthusiast or just looking for a distinctive venue, airport hangar wedding venues can help launch your marriage in a truly unforgettable way.

So get ready to land and read on to start planning the airport hangar wedding of your dreams!

Here are some of the benefits of having an airport hangar wedding:

  • Unique and unforgettable setting
  • Modern and industrial backdrop
  • Plenty of space for guests
  • Easy access for guests
  • Variety of catering options
  • Unique entertainment options
  • Memorable photos and videos

If you are thinking about having an airport hangar wedding, be sure to read this comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know to plan the perfect day.

Finding the Right Airport Hangar Venue

Planning an airport hangar wedding starts with finding the perfect venue to host your celebration. Airport hangars can provide a one-of-a-kind industrial venue, unlike any traditional hotel or banquet hall.

Finding the Right Airport Hangar Venue

Here are some tips for finding and securing the ideal airport hangar for your big day:

Research local airports and hangars

  • Make a list of local airports and airfields in your area that have hangars. Municipal airports and private airfields often have event rental spaces.
  • Search online directories like PeerSpace and Here Comes The Guide specifically for airport hangar venues.
  • Ask your local convention and visitors bureau for recommendations.
  • Drive by local airports to scout potential venues in person.

Questions to ask potential venues

  • What is the size and capacity of the hangar? Make sure it can fit your guest list.
  • Is the hangar insulated for sound? Airport noise can be a factor.
  • What types of planes or other features are in the hangar? Vintage planes can add great ambiance.
  • What amenities are included (chairs, tables, sound system etc.)?
  • Is catering allowed? Is there a preferred caterer?
  • Is the venue handicap accessible?
  • Are there noise restrictions or curfews to consider?
  • What are the pricing options? Hangar rental fees, service fees, deposits etc.

Pros and cons of different airport hangars

Municipal airport hangars:

  • Often less expensive to rent.
  • May have access to cool vintage planes.
  • Potentially more noise from air traffic.

Private hangars:

  • More expensive but more amenities.
  • Newer building with better sound insulation.
  • Access to luxury private planes.

Active hangars:

  • Activity of planes taking off can be unique backdrop.
  • Need a backup plan in case of timing issues with planes.

Aircraft museums:

  • Vintage planes on display can be great photo ops.
  • May have stricter rules on decor and alterations.

Tips for securing your date

  • Book 12-18 months in advance if possible for the best selection.
  • Be flexible on days if booking on short notice. Fridays and Sundays are popular.
  • Visit in person to get a walkthrough and put down a deposit. Venues book quickly!

Finding the perfect airport hangar venue takes research and vision, but it’s worth it to find the ideal aviation-inspired space for your wedding day!

If an airport hangar doesn’t suit your style, consider more rustic venues like barn weddings or forest weddings.

Designing the Airport Hangar Decor

One of the best parts of hosting your wedding in an airport hangar is having a unique industrial venue to decorate! Airport hangars provide a blank canvas to transform with your vision.

Designing the Airport Hangar Decor

Here are tips for decorating your airport hangar wedding:

Incorporate aviation and travel themes

  • Display vintage suitcases, stamps, postcards and boarding passes.
  • Use subway signs for table numbers or seating charts.
  • Make airplane and hot air balloon centerpieces.
  • Decorate with airplane wings, propellers, landing gear.
  • Show projections of plane routes or departure boards.

Lighting options

Hangar lighting can be challenging with high ceilings. Consider:

  • String lights – add warmth and character overhead
  • Paper lanterns – cluster different sizes and shapes
  • Uplighting – wash walls with color for dramatic effect
  • Spotlights – highlight focal decor like floral installations

Decorate the hangar

  • Backdrops – use fabric, greenery, flowers behind head table
  • Signage – paint call letters or phrases on windows
  • Entry decor – welcome guests with floral wreaths
  • Seating – arrange chairs theater-style or at round tables

Incorporate planes and vintage parts

  • Display miniature model planes on tables.
  • Use real or model planes as part of ceremony backdrop.
  • Prop antique plane parts like propellers and landing gear.
  • Drape vintage parachutes and aircraft netting.

Tables, chairs and linens

  • Round tables allow flexible seating arrangements.
  • Mix round tables with long banquet tables.
  • Use bold-colored linens that pop against grey walls.
  • Chiavari chairs add elegance to industrial setting.


  • Miniature hot air balloons with floral cascades.
  • Geometric terrariums with succulents and air plants.
  • Vases of flowers topped with helicopters or propellers.
  • Stacks of vintage suitcases and hat boxes.

The possibilities are endless when decorating an airport hangar wedding venue! Play up the aviation theme while adding other creative touches to make the space your own.

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Catering and Menu Options for Airport Hangar Weddings

One of the most important elements of any wedding is the food and drinks! Airport hangars provide a unique catering opportunity to get creative with menus and bar service.


Here are tips for catering an airport hangar wedding:

Catering Logistics

  • Most airports have preferred or required caterers you must use.
  • Caterers familiar with venue can handle logistics like limited power access.
  • Discuss heating and refrigeration capabilities for food storage.
  • No open flame is allowed – use warmers and adjust menu accordingly.

Menu Tips

  • Offer passed appetizers and food stations for a standing reception.
  • Include bite-sized foods that are easy to eat with fingers.
  • Emphasize visual appeal since guests will be standing and mingling.
  • Plan for variety – mix proteins, veggies, starches, and global flavors.

Signature Aviation-Themed Dishes

Wow guests with menu items that tie into your theme:

  • Mini chicken and waffles skewered to look like airplanes.
  • Scallop ceviche served in mini martini glasses like .airplane windows.
  • Display fruit and cheeses on a tiered table shaped like runway steps.
  • Have an interactive pasta bar with chef tossing pasta in the air.

Bar Service

  • Determine if venue allows outside alcohol or requires use of preferred vendor.
  • Offer fun avation-themed cocktails like the Flyin’ Hawaiian, Turbulence, Jet Fuel.
  • Add a s’mores bar with a “campfire” area with lounge seating.


  • Custom airplane sugar cookies for favors.
  • Cupcakes with edible pilot wing decorations.
  • A groom’s cake shaped like a vintage plane.

With thoughtful menus and a dash of creativity, catering can really take your airport hangar wedding to new heights!

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Entertainment and Activities for Airport Hangar Weddings

After the food, drinks, and decor, entertainment is key to creating a lively, fun wedding in your airport hangar venue. Take advantage of the unique space by integrating aviation themes into activities for guests.

Entertainment and Activities for Airport Hangar Weddings

Music and Dancing

  • Hire a DJ to curate upbeat playlists for dancing
  • Opt for wireless speakers to allow flexibility with setup
  • Place speakers strategically due to hangar acoustics
  • Use accents like saxophone or trumpet for a jazzy vibe

Incorporate Aviation Themes

  • Provide paper airplane making supplies as an activity
  • Set up flight simulators for guests to “pilot” planes
  • Hire aerial dancers or acrobats to perform suspended from ceilings
  • Project aviation-themed images like plane trails on walls

Create a Photo Booth

  • Use props like pilot hats, wings, scarves, goggles
  • Backdrops can include plane exit door, clouds, runway
  • Provide frames with sayings like “Flew into my heart,” “On cloud nine”

Add Fun Details

  • Label tables after famous aviators like Amelia Earhart
  • Have a caricature artist draw guests as pilots
  • Provide flip books as favors depicting plane takeoffs

Capture it on Video

  • Use a drone videographer to get aerial shots of the event
  • Get footage of the couple arriving in a vintage plane
  • Interview guests about their favorite memories

Keep Kids Entertained

  • Set up aviation-themed coloring books and crayons
  • Provide junior pilot wings to decorate and wear
  • Have mini paper airplane distance contests

Let your creativity soar when planning activities to delight your guests on the big day!

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Guest Considerations for Airport Hangar Weddings

Hosting your wedding in an airport hangar comes with some unique logistical considerations when it comes to your guests. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth experience for all your loved ones:

Transportation and Parking

  • Provide detailed maps and signs directing guests to designated parking areas.
  • Consider hiring shuttle vans to transport elderly guests from parking areas.
  • Have a greeter at the hangar entrance to welcome and direct guests.

Attire and Comfort

  • Recommend cocktail attire since hangars can get quite warm.
  • Advise guests to wear comfortable shoes for hard hangar floors.
  • Note if hangar space is outside security so guests don’t bring prohibited items.
Attire and comfort for bride and groom

Accommodating Accessibility Needs

  • Confirm hangar is ADA accessible with ramps, elevators, accessible restrooms.
  • Reserve special seating up front for guests with mobility issues.
  • Have wheelchair assistance available for transport if needed.

Managing Sound

  • Warn guests that acoustics may be loud and echoing in a hangar.
  • Provide earplugs for those sensitive to noise.
  • Offer a quiet room away from music if possible for sound breaks.

Kids and Families

  • Have a kids’ play area with aviation-themed activities.
  • Provide items like coloring books, games, and toys to keep them occupied.
  • Designate a nursing nook for mothers to feed babies privately.

Weather Contingencies

  • Have fans or heaters available if hangar is open to the elements.
  • Provideshade andwater foroutdoor ceremonies on hot days.
  • Have rain backup plan and communicate to guests in advance.

By proactively thinking through guest needs, you can create a fantastic experience for all your loved ones at your airport hangar wedding!

Finalizing Details for Your Airport Hangar Wedding

As your wedding day approaches, there are many small but important details to finalize to pull off the airport hangar wedding of your dreams! Use this checklist to stay on top of logistics:

Secure Permits and Insurance

  • Obtain any needed event permits or clearances from the airport.
  • Purchase event insurance in case of unforeseen incidents.

Review Contracts

  • Carefully verify details like date, time, fees with all vendors.
  • Note load-in and load-out policies and timing.

Create a Detailed Timeline

  • Outline vendor setup, guest arrival, ceremony start times.
  • Build in buffer time for inevitable delays.

Handle Rentals

  • Confirm delivery and pickup times for tables, chairs, linens.
  • Provide rental company with airport access policies.

Coordinate Vendors

  • Share vendor contact lists and airport rules.
  • Confirm power sources available for lighting, music, catering.
  • Schedule walkthrough for vendors to scope out space.

Make a Rain Plan

  • Have tarps, towels, and covered waiting areas if rain is expected.
  • Provide umbrellas for guests to use.

Prepare for Cleanup

  • Check if you’re required to take all decor or can leave some onsite.
  • Schedule cleanup crew for end of event.

Communicate with Guests

  • Remind guests of timing, attire, parking details in advance.
  • Provide point persons for guest questions day-of.

Enjoy the Day!

  • Create detailed schedules and floor plans for vendors to follow.
  • Assign someone you trust to oversee vendor coordination.
  • Relax knowing all details are covered and enjoy your special day!

Being prepared and organized as the big event approaches will allow you to celebrate stress-free and have the airport hangar wedding of your dreams!


Planning an airport hangar wedding involves more logistics than a typical venue, but provides a unique space for an aviation-themed and meaningful celebration.

Key Benefits of Airport Hangar Weddings

  • One-of-a-kind industrial venue unlike traditional locations.
  • Ability to fully customize decor and design.
  • Conversation starter that wows your guests.
  • Often more budget-friendly than other non-traditional venues.
  • Nearby planes can be incorporated for photo ops.

Top Tips for Planning

  • Book your hangar far in advance to secure your date.
  • Hire caterers and vendors familiar with the venue.
  • Carefully plan lighting, acoustics, and layout.
  • Proactively address weather contingencies.
  • Handle permits, insurance, and other logistics early.
  • Provide detailed information to guests beforehand.

Make It Yours

The possibilities are truly endless when hosting your wedding in an airport hangar. You can realize your wildest aviation-themed dreams for decor, menus, entertainment and more. Let your creativity soar, and get ready for an unforgettable wedding adventure!

Whether you’re a passionate pilot or just love the idea of a unique venue, an airport hangar wedding promises a day your friends and family will never forget. With careful planning and attention to all the special details, you can take your wedding to exciting new heights!

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