How to Get Reservations for a Train Station Wedding

All Aboard! How to Get Reservations for a Train Station Wedding

How to get reservations on train station weddings is a question many couples find themselves asking when planning a unique wedding celebration. The thought of saying your vows with the romantic chugging of a steam engine in the background seems like something straight out of a movie. If you’ve dreamed of having a unique wedding celebration at a historic train station, you’re not alone. Train station weddings are becoming increasingly popular for couples looking to tie the knot somewhere out of the ordinary. But how exactly do you go about booking a train station as your wedding venue? Getting reservations for the perfect railroad wedding involves some key steps.

This article will walk through everything you need to know about how to get reservations for a train station wedding. You’ll learn insider tips on finding the ideal vintage train depot, making a reservation, securing necessary permits, and more. We’ll also provide a list of the most popular train station wedding venues across the country. By the end, you’ll be well on your way to planning your own special day at one of these unique and romantic locations. So all aboard for your ultimate guide on how to get reservations on train station weddings!

Much like train station weddings have risen in popularity, hosting weddings in historic theaters and music halls has also become a trend for couples seeking an unconventional ceremony site.

What is a Train Station Wedding?

A train station wedding is exactly what it sounds like – a wedding ceremony and/or reception that takes place at an active or historic train station. These venues allow couples to celebrate their nuptials on railroad wedding platforms and midst locomotive backdrops.

Train station weddings have been growing in popularity over the past decade. More and more couples are attracted to the unique setting and vintage ambiance these venues provide.

How to Get Reservations for a Train Station Wedding

Some key things to know about train station weddings:

  • They often take place at restored historic stations from the Victorian era or early 1900s. These buildings have gorgeous architecture and details. Popular examples include Grand Central Terminal in NYC and Union Station in LA.
  • Many active modern stations can also be rented out for weddings when trains are not running. This includes small suburban and rural stations.
  • The ceremony is usually held right on the platform or boarding area. Some stations have indoor waiting rooms or halls for the reception.
  • Decor often incorporates train or railroad elements – think antique luggage, conductor hats, pocket watches, train ticket invitations, etc.
  • You’ll need to work closely with the station on scheduling – they’ll advise times when trains aren’t passing through for the ceremony.
  • Noise restrictions are in place, so amplified music and sound can be tricky. Acoustic or live music works best.
  • Permits, insurance, and other logistics need to be sorted out in advance with the station managers.
  • Pricing can range from $2,000 to over $10,000 depending on the location and travel demand.

In short, train station weddings provide a one-of-a-kind setting and ambiance that train-loving couples adore! With some advanced planning and coordination, the railway station of your dreams can be the perfect offbeat venue.

Other transportation-themed weddings like airport hangar ceremonies also let couples celebrate their love of travel and vehicles.

Benefits of Having a Train Station Wedding

More and more couples are hopping aboard the train station wedding trend, and for good reason! These unique railroad wedding venues offer many perks beyond just a memorable setting. Here are some of the top benefits of hosting your nuptials at a train depot or station:

Unique Backdrop

The most obvious advantage is the chance to celebrate your marriage in a one-of-a-kind location. Whether it’s an elegant historic terminal like Grand Central or a small countryside station, the train motif makes for gorgeous wedding photos. The vintage rail ambiance also adds old-world romance and charm.

Nostalgic Value

For many, trains evoke nostalgia of bygone eras. Couples who love antiques, steam engines, travel, and history are drawn to recapture that nostalgic feeling on their special day. Family members will enjoy reminiscing as well.

Historic Significance

Preserved vintage depots like those built in the early 1900s have great architectural details worth showcasing. Repurposed stations hold significance in their communities, so couples are able to honor that history. Many also feature interesting rail artifacts to highlight.


Stations in urban areas are conveniently located and easier for travelers to access. Suburban and rural stations also offer comforts like parking. Some stations even have onsite hotel accommodations.


Pricing is competitive compared to other historic venues. And since most stations have large capacity, you can save costs by hosting both the ceremony and reception in one spot.


From steamer trunks to railroad spikes, trains intrinsically represent adventure, journeys, and even elopements. This translates into an abundance of fun, romantic themes for your décor, photos, attire and more.

Benefits of Having a Train Station Wedding

Clearly, train station wedding venues have a lot going for them! From the beautiful backdrop to the nostalgic vibe, trains make a perfect place for your special day.

How to Book a Train Station for Your Wedding

You’ve fallen in love with the idea of a train station wedding. But how do you actually book one of these unique venues? Getting a historic depot or active station locked in for your nuptials takes some planning. Follow these key steps:

Finding a Location

First, research stations in your desired geographic area. Look for ones with:

  • Availability on your wedding date
  • The size and capacity you need
  • Your preferred aesthetic – e.g. Victorian era, Art Deco
  • Onsite accommodation if required

Popular stations book up 12-18 months out, so start looking early!

Making a Reservation

Once you’ve found your dream train station, here are the steps to take for how to get reservations for a train station wedding:

  • Reach out to the station manager to check date availability
  • Submit a rental request form with your details
  • Put down a deposit to reserve the date and space
  • Ask about any restoration or construction plans – you want the station looking its best!

Logistics and Permits

When thinking through how to get reservations for a train station wedding, don’t forget to account for any special permits and logistics.

Be sure to:

  • Understand the train schedules and any noise/time restrictions
  • Inquire about permits – often needed for photographers, caterers, rentals, etc.
  • See if you need liability insurance or contracts
  • Ask about power, lighting, parking, and other venue capabilities

Payment and Contracts

To secure your station:

  • Sign contracts outlining terms, fees, cancellation policies
  • Make payments according to the payment schedule
  • Remember extra costs like security guards, station attendants
  • Get copies of all permits and insurance paperwork

With some organization and planning, you’ll be primed for a streamlined station booking process. Stay in close contact with the venue manager throughout. Then get ready to say “I do” on the railway platform of your dreams!

Popular Train Station Wedding Venues

Once you’ve decided to hold your nuptials at a train station, choosing the right venue is key. To help with your search, here are some of the top and most popular train station wedding locations across North America:

Historic Terminals

Grand Central TerminalNew York, NYStunning 1913 beaux-arts style station with Vanderbilt Hall event space
Union StationWashington, D.C.Elegant early 20th century station with ornate main hall
Union StationLos Angeles, CA1930s Art Deco building and largest railroad station in Western US
Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RailroadCleveland, OHRestored train depot in Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Gare CentralMontreal, QCGrand chateau style station opened in 1943

Small Town Stations

Stillwater StationStillwater, MNHistoric depot on the St. Croix River in a quaint downtown
Train MountainChiloquin, ORMiniature railroad set amidst pine trees in rural Oregon
Bluebell RailwayEast Grinstead, UKVintage steam trains with 1950s period carriages

Suburban Venues

Stone Mountain DepotStone Mountain, GA1870s depot with scenic views of the granite mountain
Grapevine Vintage RailroadGrapevine, TXVictorian-style station near Dallas/Fort Worth
Black Creek Pioneer VillageToronto, ONHistorical Ontario village with 1858 train station

This table highlights some of the top picks, but there are many more unique stations to discover. Search for your perfect match based on location, aesthetic, and historical ambiance. Just be sure to book well in advance to secure your dream railway wedding!

If you’re looking for more unique wedding venue ideas beyond just train stations, consider a tropical island wedding venue for a beachfront ceremony.

FAQs about Train Station Weddings

Planning a wedding at a train station? You likely have lots of questions about how these unique venues work. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about railroad wedding logistics:

How do I book a train station for a wedding?

  • Search for stations in your area and submit date requests 12-18 months out
  • Fill out rental forms, pay deposits, sign contracts to reserve the venue
  • Work closely with station managers on all arrangements

What is the process for reserving a train station as a wedding venue?

The typical booking process includes:

  1. Browsing locations and submitting date requests
  2. Completing station rental paperwork and paying deposit
  3. Signing contract confirming reservation
  4. Maintaining contact with station manager about details
  5. Making payments according to schedule in contract
  6. Providing any required permits, insurance, etc.

Do I need any special permits or permissions to have my wedding at a train station?

Many stations require:

  • Liability insurance: Protects against damage, injuries
  • Rental permits: For caterers, alcohol, equipment
  • Photography permit: For professional photos
  • General special event permit: Covers the wedding activities

How far in advance should I book a train station wedding venue?

Aim for 12-18 months for popular stations. Large terminals like Grand Central book up years in advance. Smaller stations can sometimes be booked 6-12 months out.

How do I book a train station for a wedding?

What are some popular train stations for weddings?

Favorites include:

  • Grand Central Terminal, NYC
  • Union Station, Washington DC
  • Union Station, Los Angeles
  • Stillwater Station, Minnesota
  • Grapevine Vintage Railroad, Texas

What should I consider when planning a train station wedding?

  • Transportation for guests without car access
  • Noise restrictions for music/PA systems
  • Power availability – some old stations have limited electricity
  • Lighting for evening events
  • Platform safety – rope off any uneven areas

With some advanced planning, you can make your train station wedding dreams come true! Just be prepared for extra coordination with station management along the way.

Planning a Train Station Wedding – Full Steam Ahead!

Hosting your wedding at a historic train station or modern depot provides a truly distinctive celebration filled with romance and nostalgia. By following the tips in this guide, you can properly book the perfect railway venue and handle all the special planning considerations.

Here are the key steps covered to get reservations on train station weddings:

  • Research locations and submit rental requests well in advance
  • Work closely with station managers throughout the planning
  • Have contracts, permits, insurance in place
  • Understand train schedules and noise restrictions
  • Plan décor, music, and details to suit the space
  • Arrange transportation and lodging for out-of-town guests

Train stations make picture-perfect backdrops brimming with ambiance. With strategic preparation using these steps, your special day unfolds seamlessly and your guests are just as charmed by the venue as you are.

All aboard for a one-of-a-kind railcar wedding that will leave you and your partner over the moon. Full steam ahead to wedding bliss!

By following the tips provided, you now have all the information you need for how to get reservations for a train station wedding at the ideal venue.

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