How To Have a Wedding In a Theatre

How To Have a Wedding In a Theatre

The curtain rises as guests eagerly fill the vintage theater, admiring the glamor of the marquee lights. A hush falls over the crowd as the wedding procession begins, with music swelling from the orchestra pit below. Your dream theatre wedding is about to begin!

Getting married in an ornate theatre setting allows you to craft a dramatic and unforgettable event. From classic movie palaces to quaint community playhouses, theatres provide a lush visual backdrop and abound with old-world elegance. Though theatre weddings require additional coordination, the effect is well worth the effort.

In this article, we’ll walk through the steps on how to have a wedding in a theatre from dramatic start to finishing applause. We’ll cover:

  • Finding and booking a theatre venue with the vibe and capacity for your vision
  • Selecting a theatre wedding theme to bring the decor alive
  • Planning the ceremony specifics including stage and seating logistics
  • Decorating the space for maximal visual impact with lighting and props
  • Choosing attire for an elegantly theatrical look
  • Catering considerations from cocktail-style to concession snacks
  • Entertainment and activity ideas to delight and engage guests
  • Managing logistics like timelines, floorplans and transportation
  • Capturing your big day through theatre-worthy videography

Follow these steps as your guide and you’ll be walking down the aisle to theatre-style perfection. Let’s start at the beginning by finding your dream vintage venue…

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Finding and Booking the Perfect Theatre for Your Dream Wedding

Saying “I do” in a vintage theatre setting surrounded by Hollywood glamour and Art Deco elegance is the stuff wedding dreams are made of. But finding and securing the ideal theatre to host your ceremony and reception requires some strategic planning.

Here are the steps to take to find and book your perfect theatre wedding venue:

Research Theatre Wedding Venues in Your Area

  • Search online directories like WeddingWire and Here Comes The Guide specifically for theatre wedding venues.
  • Check local theatre company websites for venue rental information.
  • Search Instagram hashtags like #theatrewedding to discover venues.
  • Ask recently married couples for theatre referral suggestions.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Theatre

  • Capacity – Make sure the theatre seats enough for your guest list.
  • Layout – Look for a theatre with a stage, seating, and reception areas.
  • Amenities – Ideal if it has lighting, sound system, dressing rooms.
  • Style – Pick a theatre whose architecture and decor fit your wedding vision.
  • Location – Conveniently accessible for you and your guest list.

Book Your Theatre Venue Far in Advance

  • Popular theatres book up 12-18 months in advance for weekends.
  • Start venue searching as soon as you pick a wedding date.
  • Visit the theatre in person before booking if possible.
  • Put down a deposit to secure your date once you decide.

Look for Theatre Wedding Venue Deals

  • Ask about off-peak days like Fridays or Sundays for lower rates.
  • Inquire about discounted theatre rental fees for non-profits.
  • See if the theatre offers wedding packages to include extras like discounted theatre tickets for guests.
  • Get price quotes from multiple theatres before signing a contract.

Finding the perfect theatre to stage your wedding spectacle takes some preparation. But the effort pays off through selecting a venue that brings your theatrical wedding vision to life. With your ideal theatre booked, you can now focus on all the glamorous details to come!

If wedding in a theatre doesn’t suit your style, consider this unique airport hangar wedding.

Designing a Show-Stopping Theatre Wedding Theme

You’ve booked your dream vintage theatre for your big day. Now it’s time to choose a theatre wedding theme to bring your wedding vision to life within the glamorous space.

The theatre venue likely channels vintage Hollywood, Broadway, or old world elegance. Play up these vibes through your wedding theme to create a transportive theatrical experience for guests.

Here are ideas for designing a theatre wedding theme:

Match Your Theme to the Theatre’s History and Style

  • Vintage Hollywood – For an opulent movie palace, channel glamorous Old Hollywood with an art deco style.
  • Broadway Musical – If it’s a Broadway-style theatre, theme it to a favorite show like Phantom of the Opera.
  • Elegance on Stage – A community theatre may call for an elegant “leading lady” theme.

Pick Decor and Design Elements That Enhance Your Theme

  • Colors – Deep reds, golds, silvers to evoke a glamorous theatrical mood.
  • Props – Use vintage theatre seats, film reels, masks, theater signs.
  • Lighting – Spotlights, string lights, marquee signs, candlelight for drama.
  • Florals – Red roses, peonies, plumes for an elegant, romantic look.

Create Show-Stopping Theatre-Inspired Signage

  • Design signs with couple’s names in marquee lights.
  • Print ceremony programs mimicking vintage theatre playbills.
  • Make signs with quotes from favorite movies or musicals.
  • Display movie/show posters and theatre photos on easels.

Pick Theatrical Wedding Party Attire

  • Bride in a feather and fringe flapper dress for a jazz age look.
  • Suited groomsmen with bow ties and suspenders for a Broadway vibe.
  • Bridesmaids in sequined gowns with ostrich feather fans and boas.
  • Ushers in top hats, white gloves, and tails to channel old world theater.

Let your theatre wedding theme shine through the venue decor, attire, menu, and entertainment to craft a truly unforgettable Broadway-style production. Your love story deserves the perfect marquee billing!

How to Plan a Showstopping Theatre Wedding Ceremony

You’ve set the scene with a gorgeous theatre venue and show-stopping theme. Next up is planning an unforgettable theatre wedding ceremony from entrance to exit.

Host your ceremony on the theatre’s stage or in the audience seating area depending on your vision and venue layout. Here are tips for planning the theatrical ceremony of your dreams:

Choose an Impactful Stage Entrance

  • Make a grand entrance down the theater’s center aisle for a dramatic processional.
  • Enter from sides or back of theatre then process up the aisles to surprise guests.
  • Walk down a spotlighted staircase from an upper theatre balcony.
  • Rise up dramatically on a hydraulic lift from beneath the stage.

Enhance Theatre Acoustics for Clear Audio

  • Use theatre’s sound system or microphones so guests can hear.
  • Strategically place speakers around the theatre space.
  • Add sound damping drapes if the theatre is very cavernous.
  • Have a sound tech on hand to adjust audio during the ceremony.

Light the Theatre for Maximum Visual Impact

  • Use spotlights, string lights, lanterns, candlelight for a dreamy vibe.
  • Illuminate architectural details like chandeliers, columns, alcoves.
  • Spotlight the couple on stage or side light the stage.
  • Dim the theatre and create a blackout reveal for the bridal entrance.

Make Theatrical Ceremony Recessional Exits

  • Process out through lit-up aisle under guest bubbles, sparklers or petals.
  • Exit via an ornate vintage elevator to whisk you away.
  • Disappear in a flash like a Broadway quick change.
  • Take your final bows together hand-in-hand.

With thoughtful planning and theatrical touches, you can stage an unforgettable wedding ceremony production sure to bring down the house! Take your audience’s breath away and set the stage for an epic reception to follow.

Dazzling Theatre Wedding Decor Ideas to Steal the Show

You have your glamorous theatre venue. You’ve set a sensational wedding theme. Now it’s time to decorate your theatre wedding for maximum visual impact.

Creating show-stopping theatre wedding decor is all about enhancing the existing space rather than competing with it. Here are ideas for dramatically decorating your theatre wedding:

Use Theatre’s Existing Decor as a Starting Point

  • Incorporate vintage theatre seats into seating arrangements.
  • Repurpose marquee signs and theatre photos in decor.
  • Display theatre programs, tickets and popcorn boxes.
  • Highlight ornate theatre architecture with lighting.

Use Fabric Draping to Soften Theatre Interior

  • Drape fabric along balconies and stair railings.
  • Swag sheer panels above reception tables.
  • Wrap columns in luxe crimson or gold fabric.
  • Line aisles with dreamy sheer or sequin fabric.

Create Height with Greenery, Florals and Candles

  • Adorn stair banisters and balcony fronts with blooms.
  • Top reception tables with abundant florals and greenery.
  • Fill the stage with assorted candlelight for intimacy.
  • Suspend chandeliers surrounded by hanging florals.

Use Theatre Lighting for Dramatic Effect

  • Spotlight the head wedding table or focal decor pieces.
  • Project swirling gobos around the space.
  • Illuminate the stage and aisles with string lights.
  • Use uplighting or footlights to create a luxury lounge vibe.

Take advantage of all the inherent beauty within a theatre to craft an exquisite, idyllic setting for your production. With imaginative decor, your theatre wedding is sure to be a scenic masterpiece!

Dazzling Theatre-Inspired Wedding Attire Ideas

You want your wedding attire to complement the opulent theatre venue and match your glamorous wedding theme. Avoid overly formal looks that compete with the environment.

Aim for elegantly theatrical attire that channels vintage Hollywood or Broadway. Here are ideas for stunning theatre-worthy wedding outfit inspiration:

Bride Attire Options

  • Short glam dress – For an intimate theatre, a fringe or sequin mini dress.
  • Pantsuit – A bridal jumpsuit or tuxedo pantsuit with capelet.
  • Costume inspired – Borrow style elements from showgirl, ingénue or leading lady looks.

Groom Attire Ideas

  • Dapper suit – Opt for a stylish slim-cut or vintage inspired suit.
  • Tuxedo – Classic black and white tux rather than formal white tie.
  • Fun touches – Add suspenders, a vest or bow tie with flair.

Bridesmaids Dresses

  • Sequined – Shimmering short or long sequined gowns catch the light.
  • Feathered – Flapper fringe dresses or feather shrugs for a fun retro vibe.
  • Theatrical silhouettes – Try trumpet, mermaid or ballgown shapes.

Groomsmen Suits

  • Coordinated – Match suits and ties to color palette and formality.
  • Vests – Add vests in a coordinating or contrasting fabric.
  • Details – Suspenders, pocket squares and boutonnieres polish the looks.

Attire should nod to your glitzy venue without upstaging it. Be stars of your own theatrical production by complementing the atmosphere in elegantly daring wedding wear. Take a bow!

Catering Hacks for Theatre Weddings with Vintage Charm

You want to dazzle guests with delicious food and drinks at your theatre wedding, but most venues don’t allow outside catering or meal preparation on-site. No need to sacrifice on catering—get creative!

Here are ideas for catering your theatre wedding:

Cocktail Reception Style Catering

  • Passed appetizers, tapas and small bites work well at theatre weddings.
  • Stations around the theatre with different foods guests can graze on.
  • Fun mixology cocktails served at multiple theatre bar carts and stands.
  • Live entertainment and music to complement the cocktail-style experience.

Theatre Concession Stand Catering

  • Rent the theatre’s concession stand and popcorn machines.
  • Serve popcorn, candy, sodas and movie theatre treats in decorative containers.
  • Add gourmet twists like caramel corn, candy bars and retro sodas.
  • Display engagement photos at the concession stand.

Offsite Catering Alternatives

  • Nearby restaurants to deliver food to the theatre entrance.
  • Food trucks parked outside the theatre venue.
  • Suite at a nearby hotel rented just for catering.

Dessert and Drink Ideas

  • Donut wall with assorted flavors guests can grab
  • Ice cream bar with theatrical toppings
  • Self-serve coffee bar, hot chocolate and espresso drinks
  • Signature theatre-inspired cocktails

With creative catering strategy, your theatre wedding can be a delicious experience your guests will rave about long after the curtain closes.

How to Add Showstopping Entertainment to Your Theatre Wedding

You want your theatre wedding to be a spectacular production from start to finish. The perfect way to delight guests and bring your theatrical theme to life? Entertainment!

Work with the existing theatre features while also adding lively customized elements. Here are ideas for entertaining guests theatre-style:

Recruit Talented Friends for Performances

  • Ask theatrical friends to sing, play music or do comedy skits.
  • See if any friends can dance—even a choreographed first dance!
  • Have ultra-talented friends give mini-concerts throughout the event.

Hire Professional Entertainment

  • Musical theatre performers for Broadway-style singing and dancing.
  • Magicians or comedians to perform table-side or on stage.
  • Acrobats, contortionists, or other circus-style acts.
  • Professional dancers to open the reception with a choreographed number.

Use the Theatre’s Amenities

  • Have a pianist play Broadway tunes on the theatre’s grand piano.
  • Project classic movie trailers or customized videos on the big screen.
  • Tempt guests with theatre trivia on the marquee signs.

Create Theatrical Photo Backdrops

  • Set up step and repeats with theatre-inspired decor as fun photo backdrops.
  • Use theatre set pieces and props for interactive photo spots.
  • Create Slow Mo filming stations to act out dramatic scenes.

Engage Guests with Theatre Activities

  • Stage an improv show with audience participation.
  • Host theatre trivia games, bingo, or scavenger hunts.
  • Provide costume pieces, props, and photo booth props for guests to ham it up.

With interactive, amusing elements, your theatre wedding will charge up the audience and leave everyone basking in the spotlight!

Handling Logistics for a Seamless Theatre Wedding Production

You’ve planned the glamorous details of your theatre wedding—now it’s time to focus on logistics to pull off a flawless event. Managing venue coordination, vendor schedules, and guest experiences takes strategic planning.

Follow these tips when handling theatre wedding logistics:

Create Detailed Timelines and Floorplans

  • Make minute-by-minute timelines for the ceremony and reception.
  • Mark where vendors and equipment will be placed with floorplans.
  • Schedule deliveries, setup, and breakdown.
  • Share timelines with all vendors and wedding party members.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

  • Experienced coordinators are invaluable for complex theatre weddings.
  • They manage communications with the venue and vendors.
  • Wedding coordinator handles setup/cleanup and troubleshoots issues.

Schedule Vendor Load-In and Load-Out

  • Allot time in advance for vendors to setup with minimal disruption to guests.
  • Make sure vendors know if there are restrictions on move-in/move-out times.
  • Have a coordinator supervise vendor arrival and departure.

Arrange Guest Accommodations and Transportation

  • Book a room block at a nearby hotel for out of town guests.
  • Provide parking information or arrange shuttle transportation.
  • Have ushers ready to help guests find ceremony seating.

Meticulous orchestration minimizes stress and helps all the elements come together for a magical theatre wedding production. With planning and precision, you’ll earn a rave review from guests for an unforgettable theatrically inspired wedding!

Filming Theatre Wedding Video Worthy of the Big Screen

Your theatre wedding sets a dramatic scene that begs to be immortalized on video. Hire a talented videographer to beautifully capture all the production’s highlights and emotions, broadcast-ready.

Here are tips for filming cinematic theatre wedding videos:

Take Advantage of Theatre Lighting

  • Use spotlights, string lights, and stage lighting for visual interest.
  • Capture the couple romantically lit in theatrical glow.
  • Fill shadows and create depth by adding video lights.

Get Footage of the Full Theatre Venue

  • Panoramas of the full theatre space from multiple angles.
  • Details of the ornate architecture, marquee, and decor.
  • Wide shots emphasizing the grandeur of the theatre interior.

Film Ceremony and Reception Moments

  • Creative angles and movement for the processional and recessional.
  • Vows, ring exchange, kiss and excited recessional exit.
  • Speeches, dances, cake cutting and memorable moments.

Interview and Get Reactions from Guests

  • Capture guests arriving at the event in awe.
  • Film well-wishes and marriage advice for the couple to treasure.
  • Reactions as guests take in reception decor details.

Produce a Cinematic Highlight Reel

  • Edit footage into a 5-10 minute cinematic recap film.
  • Add graphics inspired by classic theatre titles and credits.
  • Share online and provide Blu-Ray copies for the couple and families.

With artful filming and editing, your videographer can spotlight your love story against the cinematic backdrop of your theatre wedding. You’ll relive the glamour and emotion for years to come!

Take Your Final Bows After a Showstopping Theatre Wedding

As the theatre lights dim and guests cheer, you take your final bows and make your grand exit—another hit theatre wedding in the books!

Pulling off an elegantly theatrical wedding is no easy feat. But with strategic planning and creative vision, you can stage a production sure to leave your guests starstruck.

A theatre wedding calls for detailed coordination—securing the venue, designing a theme, handling logistics. But the glamorous payoff is well worth the extra effort. From your Hollywood-inspired entrance to your Broadway-style first dance, all eyes are on you.

Your theatre wedding theme shines through the decor, catering, and entertainment for a transportive theatrical experience. As the curtain closes on your unforgettable production, you float away together ready for a standing ovation.

Take inspiration from these theatre wedding tips, then make the event your own. With the perfect venue as your stage, let your love story unfold showstopper-style, worthy of the brightest marquee lights.

Thisapplause is for you—congratulations on an unforgettable theatre wedding!

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