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When to Have Your Bridal Makeup Trial: Elevate Your Beauty

When to have your bridal makeup trial is a pivotal decision in your wedding preparations. Choosing the perfect timing is crucial to ensure unparalleled elegance on your wedding day. However, a wrong choice could leave you unsatisfied when it matters the most. This comprehensive guide explores essential factors about when to schedule your bridal makeup trial. From strategic booking approaches to the optimal timeframe before the big day, we cover it all. Receive expert advice to guarantee that your trial sets the stage for a stunning wedding day look.

When to Have Your Bridal Makeup Trial: Key Takeaways

Booking in AdvanceBased on schedules, weekends are better
Having the TrialMorning is best for lighting, fresh skin
Weekday or WeekendBased on schedules, weekends better
Morning or AfternoonMorning best for lighting, fresh skin
CommunicatingShare inspiration, give feedback
After the TrialGet product list, take photos
Special ConsiderationsAllergies, travel, other events

How Early Should You Book Your Makeup Trial?

Getting your bridal glam right on your wedding day takes strategy and advance planning. You can’t just randomly choose a date for your makeup trial and hope for the best! Here’s the deal – the earlier you can book your trial, the better.

We recommend booking your bridal makeup trial 6-12 months in advance of your wedding date. Of course, we know you likely haven’t even chosen your dress by then! But here are three key reasons you should book early:

  • Popular makeup artists book up quickly. Give yourself enough lead time to get your top choice.
  • Peak wedding seasons like spring and summer fill up fast. Don’t get shut out!
  • You want to account for your makeup artist’s existing bookings and availability to find a workable trial date.

Now, what if you’re already within 6 months of your big day? No worries, you still have time! Aim to book your trial 3-6 months out. The key is giving yourself a cushion in case you need to make adjustments after the initial trial.

Pro Tip: Once you book your trial date, put it in your calendar ASAP.

You’ll have a million wedding tasks in the months ahead. Don’t let your makeup trial sneak up on you! Set multiple reminders leading up to the date so it doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Here’s a quick real-talk check – if you can’t nail down a trial booking because your makeup artist’s schedule is packed, consider finding someone with more availability. You want to find a pro who will give you the time and attention you deserve!

Okay, so once you’ve secured a booking 3-6 months out, you can breathe easy knowing your wedding day glam is in capable hands. Time to focus on venue tours and cake tastings without stressing about your trial timing!

When Should You Actually Have Your Bridal Makeup Trial?

You’ve got your makeup trial booked months in advance. Nice work! But now it’s time to pinpoint exactly when to have your trial for bridal beauty success.

Bridal beauty products and makeup artist tools for wedding preparation

Here’s a timeline rundown:

  • Have your trial at least 1 month before your wedding day. This gives you time to test drive your look and make any tweaks needed after seeing it in action.
  • Aim for 1-2 months pre-wedding for your trial if possible. This is the sweet spot for allowing any adjustments while keeping the look fresh in your mind.
  • No more than 2-3 months before your big day. Any further out and you may second guess or want to switch up your look as the wedding gets closer.

Another timing factor – if you’re having pre-wedding photos taken, schedule your trial before that shoot! You’ll want to test drive the look you’ll rock for those pics.

Real Bride Alert:

Emma scheduled her makeup trial 5 weeks before her October wedding. She did engagement photos 2 months before the big day. At her trial, Emma realized the bold red lip she planned to wear photographed too dark. She tweaked her look to a softer rose hue for both her e-pics and wedding day. Having the trial before photos saved her from looking off in all those pics!

Pro Tip:

Schedule your trial at the same time of day as your wedding. That way you can see how your makeup wears throughout the day into night. A morning wedding? Have that 8 a.m. glam session!

Keep your wedding date, prep timeline, and any pre-wedding photoshoots all in mind when choosing your trial date. This will ensure you look just as fabulous for your trial run as you will on the big day!

Should You Have a Weekday or Weekend Makeup Trial?

Picking the right day of the week for your trial comes down to a mix of convenience, schedules, and getting the full bridal experience. Let’s compare the options:

Weekday Trials

Having your makeup trial on a weekday can be less hectic for both you and your makeup artist. You likely have work or other obligations during the week, so getting in and out for a trial is key.


  • More appointment availability for makeup artists
  • Efficient in-and-out experience
  • Mimics getting ready on a workday morning


  • Doesn’t reflect the full wedding day schedule
  • May need to take time off work

Weekend Trials

Weekend bridal makeup trials allow you to really envision how your glam will flow on the big day. You also get to try out your full bridal hair and accessories.


  • Ability to wear wedding hair and accessories
  • Similar pace and timing to the wedding day
  • Flexibility if having a weekend wedding


  • More limited artist availability
  • Higher demand and rates

The Bottom Line:

Talk to your makeup artist about their availability and your vision for the trial experience. If you want that complete wedding day test drive, a weekend trial may be your best bet.

Is a Morning or Afternoon Bridal Makeup Trial Better?

You’ve picked the perfect date for your makeup trial, but should you have it in the morning or afternoon? Both timings have perks and advantages to consider.

Bride getting ready for her makeup trial session, preparing for beauty perfection.

Morning Bridal Makeup Trials

Being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your trial can give you the most accurate picture of your wedding day look.

Pros of Morning:

  • Fresh clean skin and hair
  • Lighting will mimic wedding day photography
  • Mimics getting a ready timeline for AM weddings

Your makeup will look fresher and more awake first thing in the morning. And that natural sunlight is great for mimicking how you’ll photograph on the big day.

Afternoon/Evening Bridal Makeup Trials

Afternoon trials allow you to see how your bridal glam holds up over the course of a long day.

Pros of Afternoon:

  • See the wear time of products
  • Lighting shift allows photography test
  • Matches the timeline of PM weddings

When you have your trial later in the day, you get first-hand experience on the longevity of both your makeup and hairstyle. No surprises on the wedding day!

The Bottom Line:

Evaluate your wedding day schedule, photography lighting needs, and personal preferences. There’s no right or wrong trial time, as long as it sets you up for success!

Makeup Trials for Brides vs. Bridesmaids

Your bridal squad will be glamming it up for the big day too! Here’s how to coordinate trials for the bride and her ‘maids.

The Bride’s Makeup Trial

As the star of the show, your makeup trial should happen first to test your entire bridal look.

Guidelines for the bride:

  • Have your trial 1-2 months pre-wedding
  • Prioritize photography lighting and hair/accessory test
  • Allow time for multiple trials if needed

You are the priority, so make sure your trial timing lets you nail down all the bridal beauty details.

Bridesmaids’ Makeup Trials

Your bridesmaids’ trials can happen closer to showtime since their looks are simpler.

Bridesmaid trial tips:

  • Schedule 2-3 weeks before the wedding date
  • Stagger dates to accommodate schedules
  • Coordinate looks with the bride’s vision

Bridesmaid trials are more about perfecting logistics and tying their glam into your look as the bride.

The Bottom Line:

Prioritize the bride’s trial first, then align your ‘maid’s timing accordingly. Knocking out trials in phases will keep everyone looking fab!

Where Should You Have Your Bridal Makeup Trial?

You have three options for the location of your makeup trial – the makeup artist’s studio, your wedding venue, or at home. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each.

In-Studio Bridal Makeup Trials

Having your trial at your makeup artist’s professional studio allows you to see their setup and lighting options firsthand.

Pros of in-studio:

  • See the makeup artist’s equipment and lighting
  • Private, focused trial experience
  • The artist has access to the full product range

You’ll get one-on-one time in the artist’s ideal working environment.

On-Location Bridal Makeup Trials

Booking your trial at your wedding venue gets you in the actual space for lighting tests.

Pros of on-site:

  • Most accurate lighting for photos
  • Helps visualize full wedding day glam
  • Allows hair test with veil/accessories

If lighting is a photography concern, an on-site trial can help you troubleshoot.

At-Home Bridal Makeup Trials

In-home trials allow you to test products and look in a comfortable environment.

Pros of at-home:

  • Convenience and comfort
  • Lets you sample products yourself
  • Good for travel distance to artist

If traveling to the artist is difficult, at home can be a perfect solution.

The Bottom Line:

Consider convenience, location importance, and trial goals when picking the right venue. Any option can give you great insight!

Focusing the Trial on Your Wedding Day Vision

Your makeup trial is your chance to test drive the exact wedding day look you want. Here’s how to make the most of the experience:

Come Prepared with Inspiration

Don’t just vaguely describe your dream bridal glam – show it! Bring specific inspirational photos and examples to your trial to eliminate confusion.

Helpful visual aids:

  • Photos of makeup looks you love
  • Examples of hair, jewelry, accessories
  • Fabric swatches from your dress
  • Photos of your venue for lighting context

The more visuals you have, the better your artist can tailor the trial to your vision.

Clearly Communicate Must-Have Aspects

If you definitely want a cat-eye liner or red lips, speak up! Verbally walk through the vital parts of your dream wedding beauty look during the trial.

Be sure to emphasize:

  • Certain makeup products or techniques
  • Exact hairstyle requests
  • How you want your look to photograph

Giving clear direction sets your artist up to nail your ideal style.

Provide Candid Feedback Throughout

This is your chance to guide your look, so don’t hold back respectful thoughts and suggestions during the trial! Just speak tactfully and positively to get the best results.

Being open about your wedding beauty vision will ensure your happiness on the big day!

Getting your dream bridal makeup foundation right during your trial is key.

After Your Bridal Makeup Trial

Your wedding prep doesn’t stop once your makeup trial ends! Here are key steps to take after your trial is complete.

Get a Full Product Breakdown

Have your makeup artist provide a list detailing every product used during your trial. This will allow you to purchase anything new to recreate the look.

Be sure to get:

  • Exact shades and brand names
  • Suggested tools like brushes and sponges
  • Product recommendations for practice

Having the full rundown will eliminate mystery products on your wedding day!

Take Photos from Every Angle

Snap pics of your completed trial look from all directions, in different lighting, and with any wedding hair and accessories. This will give you visual references to ensure your wedding glam is perfect.

Helpful photos to get:

  • Full face front, side, 3/4 views
  • Close-ups of eyes, lips, complexion
  • With flash and without flash
  • In outdoor/indoor light

Photos from your trial allow you to pinpoint tweaks and recreate every detail for your big day.

Provide Timely Feedback

Let your artist know soon after the trial how you want to adjust or improve your look. This gives time to problem-solve changes before the wedding day.

Don’t leave your makeup pro in the dark – provide prompt, thoughtful trial feedback!

Your trial gives insight into perfecting a natural bridal look or glamorous bridal style.

Special Makeup Considerations

Your bridal makeup trial should account for any special needs or circumstances. Here are key factors to address:

Allergies and Sensitivities

Inform your makeup artist ahead of time about any product reactions or skin sensitivities you have. They can tailor your trial around these issues.

Be upfront about:

  • Ingredient allergies
  • Skin conditions like eczema or rosacea
  • Preferences for hypoallergenic brands

Your trial products should be chosen with your skin health top of your mind.

Travel Considerations

If you’re getting married far from home, take travel into account for your trial timing.

Travel trial tips:

  • Book your trial before any pre-wedding trips
  • See if your artist can travel to your location
  • Do a virtual trial as a backup option

You want your in-person trial before wandering far from your makeup pro!

Other Wedding Events

Will you need glam for your rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, etc? Book extra trials!

Don’t let special considerations compromise your bridal beauty. Address obstacles ahead of time for trial success!

Nail down your natural bridal beauty or ethnic bridal makeup during specialized trials.

Key Takeaways for Bridal Makeup Trials

Let’s recap the top tips for bridal makeup trial success:

Book Your Trial Early

Give yourself 6-12 months lead time to find the best date for you and your makeup artist. Lock it in!

Have Your Trial 1-2 Months Before The Wedding

This gives you time to tweak your look while keeping details fresh.

Communicate Your Vision

Bring visual inspiration and give candid feedback during the trial. Guide the process!

Follow Up After the Trial

Get product details, take photos, and provide feedback ASAP after your trial.

Address Special Considerations

Account for allergies, travel, or other wedding events in your trial plan.

Enjoy the Experience!

Your trial is a chance to test your dream bridal look. Have fun with it!

Your trial unlocks bridal beauty secrets for your perfect wedding day look. Strategize your bridal makeup trial timing and prep to look absolutely flawless on your big day. You’ve got this!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Makeup Trial | BridalGuide

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