Who is Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist?

Who is Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist?

“Who is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist?” This is one of the most frequent questions circulating among beauty and fashion enthusiasts today. While Kim’s meteoric rise to fame can be attributed to a multitude of factors, one key element that has shaped her signature look over the past decade is her talented longtime makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic.

Kim’s glamorous beauty aesthetic – with her defined arched brows, flawless contoured complexion, bronze smokey eyes, and nude glossed lips – has inspired and influenced makeup trends worldwide.

The creative genius responsible for crafting her iconic style is Dedivanovic, who has been working with the superstar since 2008. In the years since he has become a celebrity makeup artist in his own right. This is the story of Mario Dedivanovic’s journey towards becoming Kim Kardashian’s personal makeup artist, his role in shaping her beauty brand, and his larger impact on the makeup industry as a whole.

While Kim Kardashian’s style is recognizable worldwide, building a personal brand as a makeup artist takes time. Aspiring artists can learn techniques from Mario’s portfolio and career journey outlined in this piece. For practical tips, refer to guides on “how to build a makeup artist portfolio” and “how to become a makeup artist.”

Who is Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic?

Mario Dedivanovic is the man behind Kim Kardashian’s signature glam beauty looks. He is her personal makeup artist and creative consultant who has been instrumental in crafting her style over the past decade. But how did an unknown makeup artist from Croatia become Kim’s right-hand beauty expert and develop such massive influence in the industry?

1. Mario’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Dedivanovic was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1979. He had a passion for art and fashion from a young age and decided to pursue makeup professionally after moving to the United States at age 18. Mario attended makeup school in Manhattan for two years before working his way up in the industry. In the early 2000s, he started out assisting prominent makeup artists on editorial shoots and working backstage at New York Fashion Week. Mario spent years honing his skills and building his portfolio through this editorial work with models and magazines.

2. Connecting with Kim Kardashian

Mario first crossed paths with Kim Kardashian in 2008 when he worked on her makeup for a Leather and Laces party. Kim was impressed by his talent and vision. Soon after, Mario became her personal makeup artist – a position that would skyrocket both of their careers over the next decade. As Kim’s fame grew exponentially, Mario used his artistry to shape her signature beauty aesthetic.

Some of Mario’s most iconic makeup looks on Kim include:

  • Her 2011 wedding makeup for her marriage to Kris Humphries
  • Kim’s first Vogue cover in 2014
  • The wet, bronze smokey eye Mario created for Kim’s famous Balmain Met Gala look in 2016
  • Kim’s makeup for all 4 of her Vogue Arabia covers

3. Developing Kim’s Signature Style

Dedivanovic is responsible for perfecting and popularizing many of the signature elements now synonymous with Kim Kardashian’s beauty brand:

  • Defined, arched brows
  • Full coverage foundation for a flawless complexion
  • Dramatic contouring and highlighting
  • Bronze brown smokey eyes with full lashes
  • A matte nude lip

By crafting her consistent glam look over the years, Mario has been instrumental in amplifying Kim’s beauty influence across the globe. His technical skill in complex techniques like contouring took Kim’s style to the next level.

By crafting Kim’s signature makeup look, Mario’s work reached millions of fans. This level of exposure commands higher pay. For guidance on makeup artist rates, see “how much to tip a makeup artist” and “how much does a makeup artist charge.”

4. Celebrity Status and Continued Impact

Mario’s fame has risen in tandem with Kim’s. He now works with a diverse A-list clientele including Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell, Camila Cabello and Katie Holmes. However, his decade-plus tenure as Kim’s personal makeup guru has made him forever linked to the Kardashian beauty empire. Mario’s sought-after status reveals the power celebrity makeup artists can wield through their work. Both Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic remain global forces in the beauty industry today in large part thanks to each other’s influence.

Mario’s Work and Impact on Kim’s Beauty Looks

Over the past decade, Mario Dedivanovic has crafted Kim Kardashian’s signature glam makeup style. He has continually updated and perfected her look while retaining identifiable signatories. Mario’s artistry and vision have been instrumental in Kim’s beauty evolution.

1. The Signature Elements

Dedivanovic is the talent behind many of Kim’s most recognizable makeup signatures:

  • Defined, thick brows – Mario shapes and fills in Kim’s brows to frame her face. The bold arch creates an instant lift.
  • Full coverage foundation – Flawless base makeup is key. Mario uses shaping techniques like contouring but begins with a smoothing foundation applied with an airbrush or beauty blender.
  • Contouring and highlighting – Mario sculpts Kim’s bone structure with strategic bronzer and highlighter placement. This achieves the contoured, chiseled look she’s known for.
  • Smokey eyes – Diffused brown and bronze smokey eyes are a Kim staple. Mario blends eyeshadow to create a soft definition.
  • False lashes – Voluminous, fanned-out lashes complete the sultry eye look.
  • Nude lip – Mario favors a matte nude lipstick or subtle glossy shade to allow the eyes to pop.

2. Most Iconic Makeup Moments

Some of Mario’s most memorable Kim Kardashian makeup looks over the years include:

  • 2011 Wedding – Mario applied Kim’s bridal makeup for her lavish nuptials to Kris Humphries, featuring smoky eyes and a fresh complexion.
  • 2014 Vogue Cover – Kim’s first Vogue cover marked a major moment in her career. Mario crafted the dark, sculpted makeup look.
  • 2016 Met Gala – Her ultra-bronzed wet smokey eye and nude lip was perfect for Kim’s skintight silver Balmain dress. A standout Mario look.
  • Multiple Vogue Arabia Covers – Mario’s work with Kim has graced the cover of Vogue Arabia a record four times.
  • Fragrance Bottle Design – Mario even has input on the sculpture and shape of Kim’s perfume bottles so they coordinate with her aesthetic.

3. Mainstreaming Glam Beauty

By bringing photo shoot-level techniques like contouring and eyelash extensions into Kim’s everyday routine, Mario made high-impact glam a constant staple. His work encouraged women to invest time into complex makeup artistry as part of a polished style. Mario’s exacting standards drastically amplified beauty trends and caused more mainstream interest in professional techniques. His legacy can be seen through Kim’s massive influence on global beauty standards over the past decade.

Mario’s Growing Celebrity Clientele

While Kim Kardashian remains his most famous muse, Mario Dedivanovic’s client roster extends far beyond the Kardashian inner circle. He has become one of the most in-demand makeup artists for A-list celebrities and models.

1. Major Celebrities Mario Works With

Over the years, Mario’s prestige as Kim’s makeup artist has attracted many other top-tier celebrity clients wanting the Mario touch. Some big names on his clientele list include:

  • Chrissy Teigen – Mario does Chrissy’s makeup for important events like the Oscars.
  • Shay Mitchell – He glams up this actress for red carpets and photo shoots.
  • Camila Cabello – Mario worked with the singer for her Vogue India cover.
  • Iggy Azalea – He collaborated with Iggy on her makeup for her 2018 SNL performance.
  • Katie Holmes – Mario gave Katie a sultry smokey eye for a TV appearance in 2019.

2. Adapting His Signature Style

While each celebrity client has their own distinct beauty, Mario adapts his signature techniques to enhance their own look. His skill is tailoring the core elements of his style – flawless foundation, strategic contouring, bronzed smokey eyes – based on each face he works on. Mario manages to achieve recognizable results across different muses.

3. Expanding Fame and Influence

Dedivanovic’s elite client roster of models, actresses, and musicians continues to grow. His prestige expands with each A-list client. The demand for Mario’s time and work with top celebrities proves his power and fame within Hollywood’s beauty industry. He is now a celebrity makeup artist in his own right.

Mario’s Pursuits Beyond Kim Kardashian

While Mario Dedivanovic rose to fame as Kim Kardashian’s personal makeup artist, he has expanded his pursuits and ventures beyond working with the celebrity. Mario has leveraged his industry clout to create new business opportunities and grow his personal brand.

1. Makeup by Mario Product Line

In 2021, Dedivanovic launched his own cosmetics line called Makeup by Mario. The collection features specialized products the artist uses for Kim’s signature looks. This includes:

  • Foundations in a diverse shade range
  • Contour and highlighting sticks
  • Eyeshadow palettes of soft, blendable neutrals
  • Lip glosses and liners in nude tones

By bottling up his tricks of the trade, Mario is making his techniques more accessible to everyday makeup fans.

2. Mario Dedivanovic Masterclass

Dedivanovic holds in-person masterclasses where attendees learn hands-on directly from the expert. His classes cover topics like:

  • Contouring and strobing
  • Achieving full coverage foundation
  • Sculpting the perfect cat eye
  • Creating red carpet glam

The $500 classes routinely sell out within minutes due to Mario’s immense popularity as an educator.

3. Makeup Books

In 2021, Dedivanovic published a beauty book titled Makeup Your Mind. The book:

  • Shares his makeup techniques and philosophy
  • Contains beauty inspiration and guidance
  • Features commentary from celebrity clients
  • Was an instant New York Times Bestseller

The book further cements Mario as an authority in makeup artistry.

4. Massive Social Media Following

On Instagram, Mario has over 7 million followers. His account:

  • Shows his latest work on celebrity clients
  • Promotes his makeup line and classes
  • Partners with major brands like Sephora and Amazon

Mario’s enormous social media presence reflects his celebrity power beyond just doing Kim’s makeup.

The Mario Effect and Lasting Influence

Mario Dedivanovic’s work with Kim Kardashian over the past decade has had an undeniable impact on beauty trends. His techniques have spread far beyond her to affect makeup artistry worldwide.

1. Popularizing Complex Makeup

Dedivanovic’s signature complex makeup methods – once reserved for celebrities and photoshoots – have gone mainstream thanks in large part to his work with Kim Kardashian:

  • Contouring and strobing – Mario made this level of precise facial sculpting with highlighting and bronzer expected for glam makeup.
  • Full coverage foundation – He proved flawless, airbrushed base makeup could be part of an everyday look.
  • Smokey eyes – Diffused smokey eyes now dominate over the nude eyes of the 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Bold brows – Thick “Instagram brows” were spearheaded by Mario’s work emphasizing and shaping Kim’s arches.

2. Inspiring a Generation of Makeup Artists

Many aspiring and professional makeup artists today credit Mario Dedivanovic as a major inspiration. His techniques have been widely adopted by the beauty community and new generations of influencers.

3. Celebrity Makeup Artist Fame

Mario’s own fame and branding prove that makeup artists can become celebrities themselves based on their work. Along with Pat McGrath, he ushered in this era of celebrity artists with passionate fans.

4. Kim’s Lasting Aesthetic Impact

Kim Kardashian’s global influence on beauty and fashion this past decade can be directly traced to Mario’s artistry. By crafting her signature look, he helped catapult Kim into one of the world’s biggest style icons.

Mario Dedivanovic’s work transcended one client. He played a major role in revolutionizing and democratizing complex glam makeup for the masses. His impact continues to be felt.

The Mastermind Behind Kim Kardashian’s Signature Style

Over the past decade-plus, celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has crafted Kim Kardashian’s iconic glam beauty aesthetic. He has been instrumental in shaping her into one of the most recognizable and influential style icons in the world.

Dedivanovic’s story illustrates the immense impact that a talented artist can have through their work with A-list celebrity clients like Kim. As her personal makeup artist since 2008, Mario formulated the defined eyes, flawless complexion, contoured cheekbones, and nude lips that are hallmarks of the “Kim K look.”

By bringing runway and red carpet techniques into her everyday routine, Mario amplified mainstream beauty trends and glam makeup. His continual work tailoring and perfecting Kim’s style cemented her status as a global fashion and beauty muse.

In the process, Dedivanovic’s own fame rose in tandem with Kim’s. He is now a celebrity makeup artist and educator in his own right with a massive fanbase. However, Mario’s legacy will always be intrinsically linked to his role in crafting Kim Kardashian’s iconic image. The two are a testament to the immense impact artists and muse can have on popular culture and beauty when they collaborate.

So in answer to the question – “Who is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist?” – the man behind her glamorous signature style is the talented Mario Dedivanovic. He made Kim into the beauty icon the world recognizes today.


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